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What Did Lizzo Say? ‘Everybody’s Gay’!

Superstar Lizzo released her latest album Special last Friday and to say that we have been vibing to it since it came out is an understatement. Honestly, how could you not? Her fourth studio album is as bubbly, open, optimistic, and beautiful as can be. With bops like the infectious disco groove “About Damn Time” to the new club birthday banger “Birthday Girl”, you can’t help but appreciate Lizzo’s craft. And it looks like she has a new queer anthem on Special too. 

Welcome “Everybody’s Gay” to Lizzo’s discography. 

With “Everybody’s Gay”, Lizzo is taking her fans on a night out without shame, without fear, but with plenty of that Lizzo-level confidence that she’s known for:

1 A.M. and the night just keeps on callin’, ooh / We on demon time until tomorrow mornin’, ooh-wee (Say less) / Bitch, say less, express yourself / Bitch, get dressed, un-stress yourself / It’s cold outside, so what? Let’s take a walk

Of course the chorus is what seals the deal: 

Dance the night away / (Keep it pussy poppin’, pop those percolates) / Everybody’s gay, yeah / (It’s a happy place in here, baby, you’re safe) / We can take our mask off / We can all ball and parlay / I can hardly wait / (At 3 A.M., the freak come out the cage)

Lizzo is known for a feel good anthem. Whether you let your stress melt away listening to “Good as Hell” or felt 100% that bitch as you recited “Truth Hurts” lyrics, you found a feel good vibe that Lizzo wants everyone to experience. 

Nightlife has become a safe space for many queer and trans folks. That feeling of freedom to be yourself around others within your community is a beautiful thing. And Lizzo is bringing that sense of community, freedom, and fun to this track.

And there’s plenty of love for the late night queer party anthem.

Queen Lizzo has done it again. You can hear Lizzo’s new album Special below and make sure to give “Everybody’s Gay” a special listen. 

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