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Mariah Carey remixes Muni Long’s “Made for Me”

Looks like Mariah Carey is back in the studio for a duet with longtime collaborator. On Wednesday, Muni Long’s production team teased a preview for the remix of her hit single “Made for Me,” featuring none other than Carey’s vocals.

“Made for Me” was originally released in September 2023, eventually reaching the #20 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Co-written and produced by Jermaine Dupri, Bryan-Michael Cox, and JordanXL, “Made for Me” is the lead single for Long’s upcoming album, dropping later this year.

Dupri, who has also frequently collaborated with Carey, shared the remix teaser on Twitter/X. “You know a song ain’t a song [without] a remix baby,” he wrote.

The video pans from a recording studio (presumably Carey’s, based on the decor) to a close-up on the platinum plaque for the album The Emancipation of Mimi. In the background, Carey’s distinct vocals can be heard.

“ME AND MUHRYYYYAAAAAH GO BACK LIKE BABIES AND PACIFIIIIIII-YAAAAS,” Long wrote in her Instagram post of the same video.

True to Long’s words, this marks their fourth collaboration, with Long producing and writing Carey’s singles ‘A No No,’ ‘Infinity,’ and ‘Runway.’ However, it’s their first collaboration in front of the mic.

In an interview with Complex, Long shared the struggles she faced as a songwriter before her breakout success as a solo artist. “A lot of people are like, ‘With songwriting, you make so much money.’ But you have to understand there is a pipeline. I might write a song today, and I won’t see a dollar for two years. What job do you know that you work on spec like that for that long? Imagine going to work and you don’t get your first check for two years after your first day. That’s crazy.


Muni Long talks about the mistreatment of songwriters #munilong

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And we’re not even getting to the public part. We’re just talking about the day-to-day of it all while you are being kicked in the teeth every day and you have to get up and continue. You have to have a certain level of crazy to get up and keep doing that. It’s just insane, honestly, the stuff that I went through as a songwriter, and I’m on the high side of the spectrum where I’m getting cuts, and I have people who know my track record, and I’m still getting murdered.”

Currently, there is no release window scheduled for the “Made for Me” remix.

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