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Meet your new favorite queer k-pop group: QI.X

*Photo credit: QI.X via Instagram

QI.X is looking to make their mark on the K-pop world and they’re not hiding who they are on their road to superstardom. 

It’s undeniable how K-pop has left the confines of South Korea and has spread its influence all over the world. K-pop groups like Blackpink, BTS, and New Jeans dominate the charts with catchy hooks, command stages with precise dance moves, and flood social media with viral posts. And while these groups have an undeniable queer fanbase, many of today’s popular K-pop groups don’t boast openly queer artists. 

That’s where QI.X comes in.

QI.X, who pronounces their group name by spelling out the letters, are shooting for superstardom while placing their queerness front and center for all to see. The Q in their name stands for queer, I for idol, and X for all of the limitless possibilities that they and other queer people have. Created by K-pop producer Park Ji-yeon and consisting of members SEN, jiGook, and Prin, QI.X is creating music that’s “tearing down the heteronormative walls of society.”

The bandmates use their social media presence to drop inside looks into their rehearsals and performances, uplift their queer fanbase, and to shed light on who they are as individuals. 


Who are behind QI.X? Myungwoo hyung and manager Goguma’s been the biggest support for us from day1🌈 💜 QI.X를 함께 만들어 주고 계신 두 분, 명우형과 매니저 고구마를 소개합니다🌈💜 #fyp #queer #lgbt #queeridol

♬ original sound – QI.X(큐아이엑스)

“I love myself before I started hormone therapy, and I love myself as who I am now,” band member jiGook said in the group’s interview for The New York Times.

With songs like “Lights Up” and “Walk & Shine,” QI.X are encouraging fans to lean into their authentic selves as much as the band does. Known to perform at LGBTQ+ fundraisers, QI.X recognizes that their music is a form of LGBTQ+ activism. But that doesn’t detract from their goals of stardom. 

“Someday, we want to be on everyone’s streaming playlist,” said Prin. 

And with a combined 85k followers across TikTok, X, and Instagram, they’re well on their way. Band member SEN, who has been a dancer and choreographer for agencies that manage artists like BTS, saw the invitation to join QI.X “as if a genie in a bottle had come to me.”

And if joining QI.X was one wish granted, then the other two wishes could be to reach superstardom and receive a treasure trove of queer fans who feel empowered by their music. If so, those wishes might be closer to realization than they think. 


🏳️‍🌈Walk&Shine with QI.X! A live video of the performance at the Incheon Queer Culture Festival held on September 9, 2023 has been uploaded in QI.X official Youtube(Walk&Shine, Lights Up)! Watch it now 🏃💨 2023년 9월 9일 개최된 인천퀴어문화축제에서의 공연 라이브 영상이 업로드되었어요! 센의 솔로 댄스브레이크가 더해진 색다른 ✨Lights Up과 관객분들과 함께 무대를 즐긴 🏳️‍🌈Walk&Shine까지! QI.X 공식 유튜브에서 시청하러 GO🏃💨 pride lgbt queer fyp

♬ Walk & Shine – QI.X

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