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Megan Thee Stallion scores a viral hit and dance trend by rapping in Japanese

Megan Thee Stallion fans are obsessed with her Japanese-inspired hit.

The “Hot Girl Coach” has struck again with the release of her third album, Megan. The record was preceded by three snake-themed singles, including “Boa,” “Cobra,” and the number one hit “Hiss,” that drove all of Megan’s “Hotties” wild. Now with the “Hot Girl Summer” in full effect, fans have a new Megan track to obsess over.

It’s not a secret that Megan is a huge anime fan and she even cosplays characters in her performances, photoshoots, and interviews. She even took her love to the anime homeland, Japan, in a recent trip. So it comes as no surprise that her album has the songs “Otaku Hot Girl” and “Mamushi” on it.

While fans love her anime character roll call in the former track, “Mamushi” has the internet in a chokehold. Featuring Japanese rapper Yuki Chiba, the song, whose title refers to a venomous viper, has Megan trading bars with Yuki in Japanese. Check out the lyrics below:

“Okane kasegu orera wa suta / Okane kasegu watashi wa suta / Suta, suta, suta, suta / Kira Kira / Watashi wa suta”

The lyrics translate to “We earn money, we’re stars / I earn money, I’m a star / Star, star, star, star, sparkling / I am a star,” highlighting Megan and Yuki’s earning power. And fans have taken a liking to the song’s chorus, creating a new dance trend on TikTok.


Nah I’d win🫸🔴🔵🫷🤌🫴🟣 @skinny studio 🧍 DC: @MONA #mamushi #meganthesestallion #yukichiba #trending #dancetrends #dancing #fyp @Megan Thee Stallion

♬ Mamushi (feat. Yuki Chiba) – Megan Thee Stallion

Even Megan jumped in on the trend.

This isn’t the first dance trend Megan’s music started. Her smash hit “Savage” took over the Billboard Hot 100 with many thanks to a dance trend. It also gave her a remix with fellow H-Town Hottie Beyoncé and scored her two Grammy awards.

“Mamushi” seems to be recreating the magic that “Savage” had. And Megan’s self-titled album and recent dance craze proves that the summertime belongs to Thee Stallion.

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