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New Brandi Carlile, Tayla Parx, and More on This Week’s Queer Music Mixtape

Welcome back to INTO’s Queer Music Mixtape, your #1 hub for all things new LGBTQ+ music. Here, we’re covering the hottest releases of the week in one handy guide.

This week’s mixtape is full of hot new collaborations, colorful pop moments to get you dancing, and all the queer romance one could possibly want. Whether you’re in the mood for some power chords or a solid power cry, we’ve got something for you.

We’ve included Instagram links in each byline, streaming links below for your convenience, and a full Queer Music Mixtape playlist from our Spotify page to keep you rocking out for hours to come!

Pop in this week’s Queer Music Mixtape:

“Damage Gets Done” by Brandi Carlile & Hozier

For a song reportedly being sung from the fourth circle of hell, this folksy dream pairing sure sounds a lot like heaven. Hozier describes the track as rumination on the “negative space between being young and silly and being reckless and the actual harm that is done in the long term of life on the planet or in society.” A fitting reflection on the state of our planet for a terrestrial album like Unreal Unearth.

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Stream Hozier on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

“Something In My Eye” by Tayla Parx

If her 2020 album Coping Mechanisms didn’t convince you of Tayla’s ability to turn emotional turmoil into earworm-level spectacle, maybe “Something In My Eye” will do the trick. With a message akin to Ariana’s “Fake Smile” (surprisingly, one of the few Thank U, Next tracks that Tayla didn’t write on), this artist is living firmly in her feelings and not apologizing for it.

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“Play With Fire” by Tessa Violet & Frances Forever

Already halfway through Tessa’s My God! Tour, the “Crush” singer has teamed up with tour opener Frances Forever for a fresh take on this groovy devotional to a new flame (and the burn that’s sure to come from it). It’s fun, it’s flirty, and it’s fiery to a fault!

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Stream Frances Forever on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

“Needs” by Tinashe

The BB/ANG3L era continues in earnest with “Needs”, an ode to pleasure and the fulfillment thereof. This second single points to a more upbeat, traditionally R&B sound than the lead “Talk To Me Nice”, and we’re sure Tinashe’s upcoming album still has plenty of surprises left in store.

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“Making Diamonds” by Zee Machine

If it’s one thing you’re going to get from Zee Machine, it’s crystal clear vocals belting a catchy hook over the most energetic power pop guitar line you’ve heard all year. Add in some introspective lines and visuals depicting a vicious bear attack (don’t worry, we mean the Scruff kind) and he’s got yet another banger single under his belt.

Stream ZEE MACHINE on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

Snow Angel by Reneé Rapp

After entrancing Broadway audiences as Regina George and keeping The Sex Lives of College Girls even spicier for the first couple seasons, Reneé Rapp has now cemented herself in popstar mode with this versatile, bombastic debut album. We do have to disagree with Reneé specifically on the “Pretty Girls” premise, though — plenty of the pretty girls are gay as hell 24/7.

Stream Reneé Rapp on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

“Loud Sex” by RYL0

In addition to performing at this month’s HEAV3N party alongside acts like Chase Icon, Miss Toto, and Ayesha Erotica (in her live return!), RYL0 is giving fans a reason to get loud with this latest single. Where last month’s “People Who Don’t Love Me” waxed on the unrequited, “Loud Sex” is a raucous, enthusiastic bop.

Stream RYL0 on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

“Soft Place To Land” by Souvenir

New York pop boy Souvenir (a.k.a Michael Fenuccio) is back with a FLORIO produced bop about summer lovin’, the freedom to dive in, and a soft place (read: ass) to land on. Long live Bloom-esque horny gay synth pop!

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“Good Comin'” by beccs

With soulful vocals, silly colorpop visuals, and supremely sex-positive lyrics, “Good Comin'” is a loveable splash of fun in beccs’ catalogue. The artist notes, “On the cusp of joy and in the wake of pain, ‘Good Comin’’ lovingly and playfully invites us to inch ourselves closer towards a path of joy when other voices tell us to run.”

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“CMBYN” by Luke Markinson & Vardaan Arora

The “Call Me By Your Name” musical universe continues to expand (see: Lil Nas X, Omar Rudberg) with this house-drenched entry, a joint slay from “Hit and Run” singer Luke Markinson and “addicted to sad” singer Vardaan Arora. This “CMBYN” invokes the titular film more than either of its predecessors, with lines like “It’s like we’re in a movie, baby we’re coming soon” and “Taste the peach on my lips”. We’re personally manifesting Timothée for the music video.

Stream Luke Markinson on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

Stream Vardaan Arora on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

“Sleepyhead” by Daphne Jane

This soft, acoustic ballad to young sapphic love feels like floating and falling all at once. Up-and-comer Daphne Jane writes of the track, “[‘Sleepyhead’] tells the story of the first night I remember my heart feeling too big to fit in my chest and how my life shifted in the sweetest way to fit someone new perfectly in it.”

Stream Daphne Jane on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

Find a soft pace to land and join us back here next weekend for another Queer Music Mixtape!

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