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Ricky Martin got too excited at Madonna’s concert and it definitely showed

Ricky Martin was an honored guest at Madonna’s Celebration tour and let’s just say things got a little stiff.

Madonna is still dazzling fans across the globe with her Celebration tour. Her concert is a fanfare complete with renditions of her famous hits, paired with some eye-catching moments, like the ballroom portion of her tour. During her concert, the “Vogue” singer brings outs a cadre of performers to strut down a runway, serve face, and vogue like their life depends on it.

This is also when Madonna brings out guest judges to assess how well these performers do. Guests have included Stranger Things‘ David Harbour, alternative pop stars FKA Twigs and Arca, DJ Diplo, internet sensation Julia Fox, and even Madonna’s daughter Lourdes. Well, pop star Ricky Martin joined the judges panel during her Miami stop and let’s just say this time around, the dancers got loose and Mr. Martin got stiff.

In a video taken by a fan at the show, Martin appears incredibly excited to judge the ballroom portion of the Celebration tour. So much so, it appeared that Martin was aroused from one of the performances. Guess, it’s hard to not get hard when multiple men in jockstraps and thongs are grinding on you on stage.

Seeing is believing. So you can check out the footage for yourself below.

While Martin hasn’t said anything about the footage circulating around the internet, he did send his love to Madonna for letting him join her onstage. Martin shared his own video from that night in a tweet with the caption “Thank you @Madonna my love! Always fun to be invited to the party! You all, CAN’T MISS THIS SHOW!”

Interestingly, Martin’s video just gives another look at his alleged “excitement.”

Fans came to experience one show. Instead, they got an additional one they didn’t expect to happen. Now, the internet can’t stop talking about how Martin’s package was a gift to the Internet.

Someone check in on Ricky Martin. We heard he had a “hard time” at the Celebration show in Miami.

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