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Rihanna may enter the Kendrick / Drake beef with rumored collaboration

It’s been seven years since Rihanna and Kendrick Lamar collaborated on a song, but rumor has it the two are heading back to the studio. Given the escalating feud between Lamar and (Rihanna’s ex) Drake, the timing couldn’t be more chaotic.

Their last collaboration was the 2017 single “Loyalty,” recorded not long after Rihanna and Drizzy’s on-off relationship went off for good. A new duet (a diss track, dare we ask?) coming during one of the most high profile feuds the music industry has ever seen would be quite the book-end. Unfortunately, it’s all rumors for now.

Over the past few months, former collaborators Lamar and Drake have been airing their beef very publicly. The current feud can be traced to the release of Drake’s latest album For All the Dogs in October, when rapper J. Cole claimed himself, Drake and Lamar as the “Big Three” of the rap world in the song “First Person Shooter.” In March, Lamar shot back, “motherf*ck the big three, n****, it’s just big me” in his single with Metro Boomin and Future, “Like That.” Drake responded with the single “Push Ups,” and it’s been diss tracks back and forth ever since.

Also on that same album, Drake repeatedly dissed Rihanna. The pair split over seven years ago, and she now has children with A$AP Rocky. But it seems Drizzy’s still got the relationship on his mind.

“Why they make it sound like I’m still hung up on you?” Drake asks in the beginning of the song “Fear of Heights.” He then proceeds to demonstrate exactly why people think he’s still hung up on Rihanna by whining about her at every opportunity. Although he never names her, he drops the word “anti” throughout the song, in reference to the title of Rihanna’s 2016 album.

“I had way badder b*tches than you, tbh,” he says. “Yeah, that man, he still with you, he can’t leave/Y’all go on vacation, I bet it’s Antilles.” The Antilles is where Barbados, Rihanna’s home country, is located.

In another song, “Virginia Beach,” Drake raps, “Drawin’ conclusions like you got a Parsons degree or somethin’/ I coulda treated you better, that’s crazy.” Rihanna (you’ll never guess) has an honorary degree from Parsons School of Design.

All of that totally sounds like the actions of a man who never spares a thought for his ex. But if the rumors are true and Rihanna really is partnering with his public enemy for yet another diss track, that would make her the baddest b*tch he’s ever met.

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