Saint Harison’s ego might talk for him, but his music speaks for itself

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Saint Harison is the latest music sensation to come out of the UK. With a sound dripped in soul, R&B, Motown, and pop, the Southampton-born singer-songwriter effortlessly blends the genres with honest lyrics that become a diary as much as they are his discography. His debut single “why didn’t you call???” greatly exemplifies this, as does his follow up, a collaboration with Tiana Major9 called “homies.”

However, his single “ego talkin’” has garnered the most attention. Fans created a TikTok challenge titled the #egotalkinchallenge where they gave their attempts at performing Saint’s intricate riffs, garnering over 200M views to date on the platform. Not to mention, his performance of the song on the YouTube performance channel COLORS gained over 2.6M views, with artists like SZA, Justin Beiber, H.E.R., and Elton John taking notice of Saint’s massive talent.


u guys are KILLING this challenge 😭😭😭🔥 #newmusic #egotalkinchallenge

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Now, Saint Harison has a sold out US tour under his belt, one that had the likes of Victoria Monét and R&B legend Babyface in attendance, and a late night television debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to go along with it. INTO chatted with Saint Harison via email to get the behind the scenes scoop on his new EP lost a friend, his dream collab, and the two queer icons he thinks should have a mash-up. 

You’re finished your tour in the US and recently performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live, what do you prefer more: making magic in the booth or stunning people with live performances? 

Ooooh, that’s so hard to decide because I think they go hand in hand, but performing live is always so special.

You collaborated with Tiana Major9 for the song “homies” on your EP lost a friend. Do you have a dream collaboration for a future project?

I’m gonna have to be predictable here and say our queen, Beyoncé. I also would die over a duet with Dolly Parton or Brandy.

What was the most challenging song to make on your new EP lost a friend and why?  

This answer changes all the time because they each had their own challenges, but looking back on the whole process I would say “why didn’t you call???,” just because I was searching for a song like this for so long, lyrically simplistic, but absolutely gut wrenching emotion. When I was being aired out by someone I knew didn’t care for me, I knew that was the right situation to write this song about. 

When you need a “pick-me-up” what are your three go-to songs to help you out? 

Whitney Houston “Queen Of The Night,” Jazmine Sullivan – “Pick Up Your Feelings,” and Raye “Worth It.” 

What song mash-up would you love to see between two of your favorite queer icons? 

Elton John x Saint Harison, hehe.

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