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Sam Smith re-records “Stay With Me” and changes the “I’m Just A Man” line

Sam Smith is marking the tenth anniversary of the release of their breakthrough debut album, In The Lonely Hour, with a new anniversary edition on vinyl.

The new pressing will be released on August 2 and is now available for pre-order.

It emerged yesterday that Smith has re-recorded one of the album’s most iconic tracks: “Stay With Me”.

The song originally opened with this line: “”Guess it’s true, I’m not good at a one-night stand/But I still need love ’cause I’m just a man.”

Smith has re-written this as “but I still need love, baby understand”, according to an email sent out to fans.

“This song is truly so special to me, so for the 10 year anniversary I re-recorded the track, which will be available on all platforms & physical … Including the updated lyric ‘but I still need love, baby understand’ which felt really important to me.”

Smith went on to talk about the song’s creation.

“When me, Jimmy and Tourist wrote this song, none of us would’ve expected it to become what it has in the world. I will never forget Will (Tourist) playing those three chords on the piano. I stopped everything I was doing and said ‘what is that’. Those chords and this song still stir me in the same way to this day. I’ve never once got sick of singing it. The meaning of this song changes for me whenever I sing it. The words ‘Stay With Me’ can mean a million different things and follow me throughout my life like an old friend.”

“It’s beautiful to know that sometimes, we can change the past.”

Smith revealed they are non-binary in 2019. Smith uses they/them pronouns.

Last year, Smith received some criticism online after they contributed a song to the Barbie soundtrack entitled “Man I Am”. Some questioned why a non-binary singer would sing a song with that title. Many others pointed out it was specifically written for the movie character Ken and to leave Smith alone.

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