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Saucy Santana Brings Plenty of ‘Booty’ to the Hottest Block Party in New Music Video

“Who else got an ass like this?” That’s the question that Saucy Santana knows the answer to. And in the words of Beyoncé, whose song Santana samples, “If you got it flaunt it” and Santana took that to heart with his music video for his single “Booty”.

Starting off with a tribute to Queen Bey adorned in a white tank top, the shortest shorts, and a mean walk, Santana kicks off the chorus. Then we are transported to the only queer block party that we want to go to this summer. Paired with colorful outfits, plenty of edible innuendo in the form of footlong hot dogs and booty-shaped cookies, and the smooth flow from the “Queen of da Souf” Latto, you can’t help but enjoy it. 

Honestly, with the “Crazy in Love” sample, originally coming from The Chi-Lites sample of “Are You My Woman (Tell Me So)”, we are teleported back to the early 2000s and given some much good “uh oh uh oh uh oh oh no no” nostalgia. And while we celebrate the past we can also celebrate the present. And presently, this video is full of LGBTQ joy. Queer and trans people of all colors and bodies own the runway and twerk up a storm.

And you might notice a few familiar faces, such as RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Kornbread, TikTok stars Cristian Dennis, Julian Burzynski and Markell Washington, dancer and cover model Dexter Mayfield, and YouTuber/model Nikita Dragun showing up and showing out. 

And Santana going on tour with Latto and Lizzo, this song is definitely going to be a smash at every concert.

Clearly, this was the block party you didn’t want to miss. And judging by the internet’s reaction to Santana’s new music video, we’re right.

Whether you’re shaking what the doctor gave you or what you were born with, you can’t deny a bop when you hear one. The Material Gworl strikes again.

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