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The INTO Spotify Wrapped Breakdown

Move over Met Gala, Spotify Wrapped is taking its rightful place as the social event of the year. Shared far and wide, Spotify’s personalized Wrapped Playlists for the year of 2021 dropped yesterday morning.

Individualized to track each account’s unique experience, someone’s Spotify Wrapped says a lot about them; but the annual report shouldn’t bring judgment. Instead, imagine sharing your Spotify Wrapped as the ultimate act of self-realization. A shamelessly personal post that screams: this is the music I enjoy in private with an obnoxious consistency, now see me as I see myself! 

In the sense that we release what we post, a Spotify Wrapped playlist makes public the account user’s year as demonstrated by their musical history. Quite literally posing the report as the soundtrack to your life, Spotify went meta this year; and it shows. Choosing songs according to imaginary scenarios, the streaming platform offers up the music likely to be playing during the most cinematic moments of your life. 

Out of the blue, your opening credits theme song is selected just for you. Also offered up is a personalized song selection for a number of niche situations you’ve most definitely encountered like a face-off between rival dance crews, a proclamation of love in the rain, and a triumph over an ancient vengeful spirit. At one point, Spotify even enters multidimensional mode to unveil your audio aura; the results of which aim to capture your top music moods of the year. 

When it comes down to it, we at INTOmore found that our Spotify Wrapped revealed more than we could even admit ourselves. From Doja Cat’s Planet Her to Taylor Swift’s Red (Taylor’s Version), from certified bops to traumatic tracks, here’s everything our staff’s Spotify Wrapped revealed about this rollercoaster of a year. 

For your viewing pleasure, here’s Jude, Henry, Johnny, Juwan, Rax, and Becca at their most musically vulnerable. 


The song playing as you proclaim your love in the rain: Gimme More by  Britney Spears 

The song playing as you face-off against your rival dance crew: 100% Pure Love by Crystal Waters 

Top Artist of the Year: Taylor Swift 


The opening credits theme: Montero (Call Me By Your Name) by Lil Nas X  

The song playing as you face-off against your rival dance crew: Get Into It (Yuh) by Doja Cat 

Top Song of the Year: Kiss Me More (feat SZA) by Doja Cat and SZA 


Top Artist: Dry Cleaning 

Top Song: More Big Birds by Dry Cleaning 

Top Genre: Dream pop 


Album of the year: HOMECOMING (THE LIVE ALBUM) 

The song playing as you face off against your rival dance crew: Juice by Lizzo 

Top artist of the Year: Beyonce 


Opening credits theme: Baby Powder – Jenevieve 

The song playing as a single tear drops into your reflection in the pond: Moon River – Frank Ocean 

The song playing as you proclaim your love in the rain: Deeper by Summer Walker 


The song playing as you defeat the ancient vengeful spirit: Fighter – Christina Aguilera 

Top Genre: Dance Pop 

Basically, the artificial intelligence behind our Spotify Wrapped playlists were so distraught by INTOmore’s musical selections that they became self-aware, realizing that life itself must eventually come to a wrap as well.

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