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Tinashe Announces New Single With One Request: “Talk to Me Nice”

Tinashe is coming and she’s bringing new music with her. 

The pop-R&B star took to social media on Monday to announce her upcoming single “Talk to Me Nice”. On Instagram, Tinashe posted a photo of herself with a cheeky grin (probably just as excited as we are about her new music), glistening wet in a white tank top. Most notably, the songstress has left her dark tresses behind her for the honey blonde locks that she started her mainstream career with. Now a flourishing independent artist, Tinashe’s new single will usher in a new era for the artist when it premieres on July 21. 

“Once that new song comes out, we’re going to start the rollout into my next project, which is so exciting,” said Tinashe in an interview for That Grape Juice. “I’ve been working on it for a little over maybe a year and a half now. So, it’s been cooking. So, I’m really ready to release it to the world.”

“Talk to Me Nice” will be the first single off of her upcoming album titled Baby Angel (stylized as BB/Ang3L). The single marks her first solo work since the release of her critically acclaimed fifth album 333. Tinashe is known for her blend of pop, R&B, hip-hop, and dance, which she refers to as “rhythmic pop”, that has blessed earwaves since her debut album Aquarius. With songs like “2 On”, “Superlove”, “Die a Little Bit”, and “Bouncin”, her eclectic discography continues to expand the bounds of music. 

And her queer fans always appreciate it. Tinashe, who identifies as bisexual, has amassed a strong LGBTQ+ fanbase and she feels that many of her queer fans flock to her music because of the confident messages it provides.

“I think [there is] just a sense of confidence, that bad b**ch, sexy unapologetic energy,” said Tinashe in an interview for Billboard. “Like, who doesn’t like that?”

That is the question, Tinashe, and honestly, we don’t know who doesn’t want to feel like the baddest out there. But when Tinashe isn’t calling out J.K. Rowling’s TERF ideology or schooling her Stars on Mars castmate Lance Armstrong on his transphobic sports stance, she’s showering the world in bops and spreading queer joy. With her sixth album on the horizon, Tinashe is ready to bring some much needed music to her fans. 

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