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Willow sends her songs to this list of celebs before releasing them

Willow has a laundry list of famous folks who hear her music before her fans do.

Willow Smith, known mononymously as Willow, is kicking her 2024 into overdrive with a new album called Empathogen, fresh visuals, a fabulous Allure cover spot, and an electric NPR Tiny Desk performance. Her new era also has her on late night tv, with her latest appearance on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. While the “Symptom of Life” singer played “Flip Shots” with Fallon, MCU actor Simu Liu, and Spanish pop star Rosalía, performed one of her new tracks “Home,” and dished on her album-making process.

Willow has posted videos of her self making music in the past. So, of course fans wanted the inside scoop on how she makes her songs and a part of the process is having people in her orbit that she trusts to listen to them. The 23-year-old dished on who listens to her demos before they’re finalized and the list of individuals may surprise you.

Fallon asked Willow, “When you come up with a new song, who do you play it for? Do you play it for mom and dad?”

Willow, had no hesitation listing out her listeners.

“I sometimes play it for my parents,” Willow answered. “But, you know, [I have] really close friends, that I love and care for, that I’ll play it for them. Or, sometimes I’ll play it for artists that I really, really love. You know, if I’m lucky enough to have their number, if I’m lucky enough for them to be like, “Oh, I want to hear this song.”

Fallon followed up with “Who would you send a song to and go, “What do you think? Give me notes.”

So which folks are lucky enough to receive a phone call from Willow? Well, Grammy winners St. Vincent and Tyler the Creator (her older brother Jaden’s bestie) casually made the list.

“St. Vincent, Little Dragon, Tyler the Creator,” Willow responded.

Naturally, Fallon (and fans) were intrigued and the late night host really wanted to know what Tyler the Creator thought about Willow’s projects. It’s not that Tyler isn’t vocal about music or his personal life.

“What does Tyler say?” Fallon asked. “I’m interested. What is his notes.”

“I just sent him a random demo, like, a couple of weeks ago, and he was like, ‘Man, I’m rehearsing for Coachella, but I’m gonna listen to it,'” Willow began. “He listened to it and he called me, and he was like, ‘Man, like, I just feel like you need to repeat this one part again, and then, when it goes back to the bridge, you go to…And I’m on the phone with him, and I’m like, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah.”

Clearly, Willow was interested in Tyler’s feedback.

“I’m trying to take notes,” Willow added. “I don’t want to be weird. Like, I need to remember this.”

We need to as well. Thankfully, nothing goes away from social media. Check out the clip of her interview with Fallon below.


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