This homophobic soccer player just got the world’s gayest tattoo

The world of professional soccer—or rugby, or “footy” as it’s known across the pond—went through something of a shake-up this week after the news hit that a young soccer player for Cronulla Junior Rugby team in New South Wales got a few offensive tattoos for all the world to see. The young man had apparently gotten text tattoos across each muscular thigh, one reading “eat sh*t f*ggot,” and another reading “snort lines and f*ck.”

Obviously we can’t find much fault with the second sentiment, but the first clearly leaves folks scratching their heads. Really? In the year of our lord 2024 you’re telling gays to eat sh*t as if it’s not a compliment?

We gays, of course, are kind of loving every minute of it.

It’s giving off a certain signal, and that signal isn’t “hello I am straight.”

Is it just us, or does this tat accidentally slay?

It’s of course a shame when people this hot are this homophobic. If only he was wearing these tattoos out of Pride…imagine a world like that…

Apparently this is what the rest of him looks like…

Nothing gay going on here, folks. Nothing at all!

Is this tattoo gayer than iced coffee, carabiners, fleeting, and John Waters all at once?

If he wanted the gays to start looking at his thighs…mission accomplished.

New Pride Bingo card entry unlocked!

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