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A Major “Ted Lasso” Character Just Came Out as Gay

Breaking: a character on a show straight people love is now canon gay. Now never having seen a single moment of “Ted Lasso,” a show that I am told by my straight culture correspondent is a cornerstone of straight culture, this monumentous news is lost on me.

But plenty of other queer people are losing their absolute minds. In last night’s episode “4-5-1”, the third ep in the latest season, Richmond AFC footballer Colin Hughes is seen giving a post-hookup smooch to an absolute snacc. He may not be out to the team yet, but he’s certainly out to viewers, and those viewers and feeling grateful.

The question is…will the notorious straight show do right by these hotties? Hopefully.

We don’t want another “Kingdom” repeat!

But just how gay will Colin turn out to be? Are we talking drag brunch gay? Are we talking gay nerd?

Honestly, it doesn’t matter: people are just glad to see a bonafide queer on the show.

That said, there are a few important stumbling blocks ahead…

We are treading on fragile ground here. Let’s hope the show gets it right.

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