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Bowen Yang and Simu Liu Joke About Being An “Openly Bottom Guy” on SNL

Bowen Yang was once again the star of the show on this week’s “Saturday Night Live.” 

When Yang was joined by this week’s host, Simu Liu of Marvel’s “Shang Chi,” it was a breakthrough for Asian representation. It was the first time there was both an Asian male host and an Asian male cast member in the same episode. (Typing that out feels wild — glad you got there, SNL, but damn that took a while.) 

Regardless, Yang and Liu pointed out the situation in classic SNL fashion. The sketch “Simu & Bowen” saw the pair making fun of increasingly specific benchmarks for representation, including “First Gay Asian Cast Member to Mispronounce ‘Boutique’” for Yang and “First Asian Man to Deadpan on Splash Mountain” for Liu.

Liu’s role in “Shang Chi” also netted him “First Asian Man to Blow Up A Dragon From The Inside.” Yang quickly replies, “I got the same one too, but it means something else.” Icon.

Yang also flexes his appearance on People’s “Sexiest Men Alive” list.

“Weren’t you the first openly bottom guy on that list?” asks Liu.

“I’m not open about that. Who told you that?” Yang shakily whispers back.

“Oh, I just guessed,” says Liu.

“Oh, nice!” Yang replies. Truly, a historic episode for Asian and bottom representation.

Yang caps the sketch as only he could: “Just remember, Simu,” he says, “whatever ‘first’ thing you do … I’ll always. be. gay.”

Check out the sketch for yourself here, and don’t forget to stan Bowen Yang for clear skin!

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