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In ‘How to Build a Sex Room’ Your Kinkiest Fantasies Come to Life in Your Own Home

Some folks discuss remodeling their kitchens and others, their living rooms. But it’s not every day you hear a request to make a sex room. Nevertheless, there’s someone who’ll make it happen. In Netflix’s newest reality show How to Make a Sex Room interior designer Melanie Rose takes singles, couples, and polycules on their sexual adventure to spice up their lives with a sex room.

There’s a lovely charm that emanates from watching a house remodeling show and Melanie brings plenty of charisma. Mixed with her composed, yet energetic presence and straight-shooting conversation style, it brings in the same serenity as the Great British Bake-Off, while fulfilling that HGTV obsession you might have. 

How To Build a Sex Room. Episode 103 of How To Build a Sex Room. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

That’s right, Melanie is doing double duty, hosting her show and designing high-end sex rooms along the way. But high-end is putting it mildly. Melanie takes a room in a standard condo or home and turns it into a luxurious space that oozes equal parts hedonism and class. Need room geared towards cam sessions with your long-distance bae or need a way to make your sexual playground discreet as possible? Melanie has got it covered. 

But why stop at the rooms? Rose didn’t. Beyond elevating the sex lives of the show’s participants, Melanie also takes these folks to explore their fantasies before they enter their new coitus coves. From rope play, to butt plugs, to flogging, Melanie listens to each person’s fantasy and finds experts in their desires to guide them on their journey of self-expression. Safe to say this show is sex positive.

How To Build a Sex Room. (L to R) Brodie, Bettie, Melanie Rose in episode 106 of How To Build a Sex Room. Cr. Caleb Alvarado/Netflix © 2022

Aside from helping everyone unearth their latent sexual wishes, the show ensures that it’s not just for the vanilla straight couple. Queer relationships successfully have a place on this show, but it goes beyond that, highlighting nonbinary people and polyamory in ways that humanize and celebrate. Oh, and kink shaming is out the window. Exploring your fantasy is Melanie’s main priority.

The magic of this show lies within its ability take something society shames, make it beautiful, innovative, educational, and luxurious. Sex is natural part of so many of our lives and Rose just wants us to give it the attention it deserves. Find your inspiration in this Netflix must see.

How To Build A Sex Room. Melanie Rose in How To Build A Sex Room. Cr. Caleb Alvarado/Netflix © 2022

How to Build a Sex Room is streaming now on Netflix

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