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Deranged SATC Reboot “And Just Like That” Releases Season 2 Trailer

A new season of “And Just Like That”, the Internet’s favorite show to hate, is set to drop in June.

After the last (utterly unhinged) season, fans are ready for another Samantha-less season of fancy brunches and belief-suspending hookups with the remaining SATC gals. Although last season’s most controversial character, the notorious Che Diaz, only makes a brief appearance in the Season 2 trailer.

All in all, it seems like we’re in for more of the same: improbable apartments, awkward sex conversations with kids, and the return of…Aiden. That’s right kids: we might not have Samantha, but we will have everyone’s favorite non-smoking dog-loving clingy woodland bf Aiden.

Obviously, fans are feeling mixed on the reaction front.

With each new season, it’s becoming harder to distinguish between loving to hate it, or hating to love it.

The news of “And Just Like That’s” return also follows on the heels of a new “Black Mirror” season, an upcoming Jessie Ware album and tour, and a trailer for a new Almodovar movie. Our gay cups runneth over.

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