Follow a gay couple’s heartwarming adoption journey with Lost Boys & Fairies

A new BBC miniseries is chronically the lesser told story of a gay couple looking to start a family. Lost Boys & Fairies stars Fra Fee (Hawkeye) and Sion Daniel Young (Channel 4’s Deceit), and the new trailer gives us our first look along with a release date.

Lost Boys & Fairies is the “fictional, tender, glittering story of singer and artiste-extraordinaire Gabriel (Young), his partner Andy (Fee) and their journey to adoption.” Like its title, the series promises moments of lighthearted magic balanced against battling personal demons within a relationship.

The trailer begins with Gabe and Andy in front of a social worker, Jackie, explaining why they’d make good parents. From there, their faith in themselves and their relationship is tested over the course of the drama.

First, the couple has a hard time connecting with a roomful of potential adoptees. “It’s like being back at school and no one wants to play with us,” says Gabe. Later, Gabe is seen stumbling home from the bar. Gabe also performs in drag at club “Neverland” and gets some tough love while prepping in the make-up chair. “It’s time you grew up,” a fellow drag queen tells him.

In another scene, social worker Jackie shares hard truths with Andy. “You both have to want it, love. Otherwise it’ll be a disaster,” she says. True to her words, the trailer ends on an ominous note. “I will adopt Jake — with or without you,” Andy tells Gabe.

“Together with his partner, Andy, Gabe longs to adopt a child and to do so they must convince their social worker Jackie that they’re up to the task,” the official synopsis reads.

“But Gabe is masking his demons: the effects of decades of shame having grown up in a society that overwhelmingly treated being gay as a sin; shame which Gabe is still processing.

“Packed with songs, often used in surprising ways, Lost Boys & Fairies is a ‘coming of middle-age’ story, both bold and deeply heart-wrenching, filled to the brim with humor, redemption, and love.”

The three-part drama, Lost Boys & Fairies, is coming to BBC iPlayer on June 3.

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