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Getting Rimmed by Eric Dane Was a “Dream Come True” For This Euphoria Actor

It was a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment in the latest episode of Euphoria’s second season: Cal Jacobs, played by Eric Dane, eating ass in explicit HBO glory. Now, the actor that ass belongs to has spilled all the details on the scene.

Christin Byrdsong, the actor, took to Twitter after the scene garnered some online attention. 

“There are two darkskin characters in euphoria and one of them was getting they butt ate by nate’s dad as an extra,” one user tweeted. 

Byrdsong replied, writing, “It was me,” accompanied by smiley faces, on-set photos and the hashtag “#DreamsComeTrue.”

“The dream was to work on this amazing show, with the incredible director, and multitalented actors,” he explained. “And I got to film fake sex scene with a childhood crush/actor inspiration! #Euphoria #Manifesting”

Naturally, Byrdsong got a lot of questions from curious fans, which he answered in a series of tweets.

“The actual filming was incredibly professional,” he wrote. “Totally fake. A piece was built by the intimacy coach to go between his face & my butt. Super chill & professional. Been a fan of Eric since I was 9. Acting since 3. Truly a milestone for me. We are coached and safe.”

And about his, ahem, co-star Dane, Byrdsong had nothing but glowing reviews.

“Truly a gem of a man,” Byrdsong wrote. “So professional and chill. I talked to him about Charmed cause I was obsessed as a kid. Still am actually. Lol He’s just a really good guy.”

And though filming something so intimate might sound nerve wracking, Byrdsong wasn’t afraid to lighten the mood on set.

“When I was on set I got into position they asked if I was comfortable,” he explained. “I said ‘dreams really do come true’. The set burst into laughter. That’s the hashtag lol like I filmed on an incredible show with an incredible director and an actor I admire and I got paid. That’s the dream.”

To sum it up, Byrdsong got live his dream, Euphoria got to add another iconic scene to its roster, and all of Twitter got to revel in ass-eating jokes. Everybody wins!

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