Helluva Good Time

‘Hazbin Hotel’ will take you straight to hell

We’re checking into the Hazbin Hotel.

Prime Video adds a new property to its TV roster and it’s located in a spot you might not want to vacation any time soon. Why? Well, that’s because it’s in Hell. 

Hazbin Hotel will take audiences to the depths of Hell where Charlie, the princess of Hell, takes on an impossible mission – rehabilitate the demons of hell to reduce overpopulation in her kingdom. It’s either her way or the angels’ way, which is a yearly demon extermination. 

However, Charlie’s first hotel patron, Angel Dust (an adult film star driven by hedonistic impulses and a need to stir up chaos), is going to give her a run for her money. But with her partner Vaggie and a powerful entity called the “Radio Demon” who offers support to Charlie, the princess of hell’s dream of checking demons out of Hell and into Heaven might just become reality.

While Hazbin Hotel is coming to Prime Video next year, it’s been a popular webseries for a while now. Created by Vivienne Medrano (known as Vivziepop on YouTube) in 2019, the Hazbin Hotel quickly amassed a dedicated fanbase with the pilot acquiring 92 million views. 

But who doesn’t love crass humor, strong character development, and musical numbers? Well, Medrano’s 8.7 million YouTube subscribers and now that fanbase and newcomers get a revived take on Hazbin Hotel with some new cast members. 

Main cast includes Mean Girls musical alum Erika Henningsen as Charlie, Twisted Metal’s Stephanie Beatriz, and newcomer Blake Roman as Angel Dust. Additionally, Alex Brightman, Keith David, Kimiko Glenn, Blake Roman, Amir Talai, Christian Borle, and Joel Perez lend their voice talents. 

While guest stars Darren Criss (Saint Peter), Jeremy Jordan (Lucifer Morningstar), Daphne Rubin-Vega (Carmilla Carmine), Patina Miller (Sera), and Jessica Vosk (Lute) had their cast announcements made on November 27 on the Pantages Theatre marquee in Hollywood. Because if you’re going to have Broadway-esque musical numbers, you have to make announcements in Broadway style. 

And there will be plenty of songs and devilish fun to come when Hazbin Hotel premieres on January 19 on Prime Video.

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