Heartbreaking Wendy Williams video creates uproar before yanked offline

Wendy Williams has resurfaced into the public eye, but this video causes even more concern for the TV host’s well-being.

The trailer for Lifetime’s Where is Wendy Williams? made its way across the internet seemingly answering the documentary’s title question. But the answer that fans were seeking appears to be much darker than they expected.

Williams, broadcaster, media personality, and host of The Wendy Williams Show, laid out her struggles with mental health, finances, and navigating her guardianship in the trailer which was taken offline as quickly as it was posted. The trailer features testimonials from Williams family about her health and finances, emotional interviews with Williams, and intimate footage of the popular TV host’s life post-The Wendy Williams Show.

“If it could happen to me, it could happen to you,” Williams says in the trailer.

Williams is known for her unapologetic interviewing style and gossip segments that kept her name on tip of every celebrity’s tongue and created a dedicated fanbase stemming from her start in radio in the late ’80s to ’90s until her shift into television in the ’00s. Her fanbase grew exponentially when she received her own talk show in 2008.

Williams famous syndicated talk show unexpectedly ended in 2022 after Williams took a leave of absence in 2021 due to medical issues. A string of guest hosts took over in 2021, until it was announced that comedian Sherri Shepherd would take over in a spin-off talk show called Sherri in 2022.

Williams essentially vanished from the public eye, but rumors of her declining health and struggles with addiction surfaced, causing many fans to grow concerned over her well-being. Williams was placed under a financial guardianship in 2022, with the bank Wells Fargo alleging that she was of “unsound mind” and that she was the “victim of undue influence and financial exploitation.” 

Additionally, Williams checked into a treatment facility in 2023, at her son’s request, due to increasing concerns for her health. Now, this documentary and the speedy removal of its trailer has the internet asking more questions about Williams’ health and safety.

Lifetime has since released another video labeled the official trailer on YouTube. Check it out below.

Where is Wendy Williams, a two-part documentary event, takes place on February 24 and 25 at 8PM ET on Lifetime.

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