Here’s what ‘Sex and the City’ and ‘Rugrats’ have in common

Sex and the City fans can’t get over this Rugrats connection.

With Mother’s Day on this past Sunday, many were celebrating all of the mothers in their lives. Mother can represent many things, from a parent to a drag queen to a person we can’t help, but stan. And in one Mother’s Day post, SATC fans were in for quite a surprise.

X account @MarioEmmet shared a touching video from a Mother’s Day Rugrats special. The popular ‘90s children show that chronicled the shenanigans of a cadre of babies also highlighted an episode about a child navigating the loss of a parent. In this case, it’s about 2-year-old Chuckie Finster dealing with the passing of his mother, Melinda Finster.

The post reads “This is not only the saddest Rugrats moment, but also the saddest moment in Nickelodeon history. From the Rugrats Mother’s Day special: ‘Mother’s Day,’” followed by an episode clip. The video shows Chuckie and his father, Charles, sharing with him who his mother is by exploring the things she left behind, and alluding to her being ill before passing. Check out the clip below, but be warned, it’s a tearjerker.

The clip also reveals what Chuckie’s mom looked and sounded like. If that voice sounds familiar, it’s because it’s the voice of Kim Cattrall. The Golden Globe-winning actress has played many roles, but none are as iconic as her SATC character Samantha Jones.

Cattrall voiced Melinda Finster in Rugrats in 1997, one year prior to playing Samantha in SATC. Cattrall then played the sexually liberated, highly-connected publicist and loyal friend from 1998 until 2004. She then starred in two subsequent films within the franchise and even made a cameo in the spin-off series And Just Like That.

Cattrall was definitely a fan favorite from the series and her presence is definitely missed from the franchise. While Cattrall doesn’t have children of her own, many can agree that she’s definitely “mother” regardless. Needless to say, SATC fans were gagged by the surprise.

And what did Cattrall have to say about the role? Well, she loved it.

We’re not crying. You’re crying.

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