Past Lives

How a gay dad becomes an elite thief

Before we entered certain relationships, we had past lives. Maybe we were partiers in college or had a horrible sense of style in high school.

Or maybe we were high-stakes thieves. Well, if you’re Joe (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett), then that’s the skeleton you’re keeping in the closet.

In the trailer for Disney Plus U.K. original series, we meet Joe, a man who’s happily married to his husband and together they raise their two children. But Joe is anything, but ordinary. 

While he and his band of elite thieves have left their old lives behind them, when a mystery assassin starts picking them off one by one, Joe and his former crew have to figure out who’s after their lives, before they each lose them. Starting over is hard, but even harder when your past life involves being a high-class thief.

Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Gemma Aterton, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Niamh Algar, and Eddie Izzard lead filmmaker J Blakeson’s latest creation. The series plans to put a fresh spin on heist stories, pulling inspiration from Stephen Garrett’s book Culprits: The Heist is Only the Beginning.

Culprits drops in the U.K. and Ireland on November 8, but for folks in the states, the new series will release on December 8.

In the meantime, check out the trailer below.

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