Kit Connor Reveals He Would Be “A Different Person” Without “Heartstopper”

· Updated on August 18, 2023

Kit Connor is the latest teen heartthrob to earn “the internet’s boyfriend” moniker, thanks to his charming and sensitive portrayal of Nick Nelson in Netflix’s Heartstopper.

It’s safe to say the world has fallen in love with both Nick and Charlie (Joe Locke) after the first two seasons of the exceptionally earnest coming-of-age series. Becoming the world’s “queer crush” is a big title to carry, but as Connor told Jonathan Anderson in a recent chat for Interview Magazine, he considers it “a huge compliment.”

“I do think it’s more so because the character that I played is so lovely,” Connor explained. “We were able to capture the hearts of people that way.” It also helps that Connor and Locke have incredible onscreen chemistry, though the 19-year-old admitted that part of acting remains “a real puzzle for me.”

“We first did a chemistry read on Zoom, and I don’t know how they’re able to judge chemistry over Zoom for two boys who have never met and didn’t get a chance to speak, but apparently in the scene it felt like there was something there,” he said, adding that the two are now “extremely close” so their onscreen connection comes naturally.

And when asked if he’s “ever fallen in love on a movie set,” Connor even admitted he thinks he’s “in love with several people in the Heartstopper cast.” But don’t expect him to drop any names. Back in 2022, the 19-year-old came out as bisexual after feeling forced to do so due to queerbaiting accusations from fans. It was an experience that made him reckon with the price of fame.

“I found it very disappointing, especially given my age –– although I don’t think that it should be something that is speculated on at any age,” Connor said, adding that he “really wanted” to have that boundary from the public. “What I learned from that experience is that there are certain things I want to keep private in my life. I’ve also learned that people are always going to have something to say.”

His advice for people going through similar situations mirrors his Heartstopper character’s coming out journey in the last season, as Nick tried to anticipate how his family, rugby teammates, and the school would react. “Just try to be who you are, and try to be aware of the fact that no matter who you are, someone’s going to be upset by it somehow,” he said.

It’s not all bad though. Over the past year, the life-changing representation on Heartstopper has earned the series an Emmy, GLAAD Media Award, and even a Golden Popcorn at the MTV Movie & TV Awards. It’s also changed Connor’s life.

“I think Heartstopper made me more confident in who I was, both in terms of my sexuality and my place in spaces,” Connor said. “I’d really be a different person if it weren’t for Heartstopper.”

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