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The Last of Us Just Dropped Its Chilling First Trailer

So the official trailer for The Last of Us just dropped and you will have chills after watching it. 

The haunting trailer switches between a post-apocalyptic society and the rise of it. Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsay) navigate a world where a fungal infection has ransacked the United States, turning humans into zombie-like creatures called Clickers. We get a glimpse of these nightmarish monsters in the trailer and they’re terrifying. 

Additionally, we get to see Merle Dandridge, Gabriel Luna, Anna Torv, and Storm Reid as Marlene (leader of a militia movement), Tommy (Joel’s brother), Tess (Joel’s smuggling partner), and Riley (Ellie’s best friend) respectively. All four will play pivotal roles within Joel and Ellie’s journey. Interesting enough, Dandridge was the voice actress for Marlene in the game and is now playing her in the show. 

What we also see is that the TV show adaptation of one of the most popular video games out there is pretty close to the source material. The game was lauded for its storyline, character development, and gameplay when it first came out. Now, we are witnessing that being translated to TV and it’s pretty impressive. 

As for what parts of the game’s story that will make the TV cut, that’s still unknown. The game’s story is is split into two games, with the second game based a few years into the future. One thing is for sure, we hope that the TV adaptation keeps its queer themes from the video game, with Ellie’s story being a queer coming-of-age tale. 

Regardless, the trailer has folks talking. 

The Last of Us will premiere on HBO in 2023.

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