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“With Love” Is An Amazing Showcase of Nonbinary Representation

Nonbinary characters are few and far between in media. But in Amazon’s upcoming series “With Love,” they’re taking the spotlight, with nonbinary characters played by Isis King and Birdie Silverstein at the show’s center.

“With Love” stars King as Sol Perez, a trans nonbinary oncology resident looking for love. Silverstein has a recurring role as Charlie Murphy, a confident nonbinary teenager. The show’s overall plot follows the Diaz family as they navigate love and purpose during different holidays throughout the year. A queer holiday rom-com TV show? I’m listening!

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In an exclusive clip from “With Love” shared by GLAAD, Sol and Charlie share a conversation about trans and nonbinary identity across age groups.

“You are a part of this amazing, bold generation,” says Sol. “Things are a lot different for you than when I was your age.”

“What were things like for you?” asks Charlie.

“I mean, everything wasn’t just as out and open as it is now. None of my friends were queer or at least weren’t talking about it either. I didn’t see queer or transness reflected anywhere around me,” says Sol.

In an interview with GLAAD, King discussed the importance of her role for trans representation.

“To have this storyline of a trans person who’s an oncologist, who has the family support, who has the friend support, and who is now deciding if they want a relationship or not, it’s wonderful,” she says. “Because we are more than just a sexual object, and it’s just nice to see, post-coming out story, a trans person have it all, a trans person have all of these things without trauma attached.”

“With Love” premieres all 5 of its hour-long episodes on Friday, December 17 on Amazon Prime Video.

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