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‘Minx’ Takes a Steamy Dip in a Gay Bathhouse Ahead of Its Finale

· Updated on September 6, 2023

In two short seasons, the hit series Minx has taken its cast of softcore pornographers on quite the journey through a veritable forest of male genitalia. And the upcoming penultimate episode to the second season might just take them to even queer heights. The title says it all: “God closes a door, opens a glory hole.”

Set in the 70s, Minx follows feminist Joyce (Ophelia Lovibond) who joins publisher Doug (Jake Johnson) to launch the first erotic magazine aimed at women. Along the way, the series has played a pivotal role in advancing the Penis Renaissance on television.

Season two reimagines some of the show’s behind-the-scenes drama, as Minx only narrowly survived Max’s content purge through a relocation to Starz. Along these same lines, the new season kicks off with a tycoon investor buying out the magazine, leading to sudden commercial success. Now under new management, Doug struggles for control of the company while Joyce’s core values are challenged by mainstream fame.

The latest episode, leading up to September’s season finale, finds queer photographer Richie (Oscar Montoya) still seething after his idea for a gay bathhouse photoshoot was shot down. But when an unexpected cancellation has the team scrambling to fill twelve pages, Richie seizes on the opportunity—now it’s glory hole (and)or bust.

Oscar Montoya has previously teased that the second season would bring more gay content to the series, and it sounds like this latest episode will literally deliver the goods. He has also described his pride in portraying a queer and Latine character, recognizing that such content is sorely lacking.

“I say we don’t have enough shows that represent all sides of our culture, whether that be Latine, whether that means queer, whether that means Latine and queer, there aren’t enough shows that capture our essence,” Montoya told INTO.

“People need to take more chances on BIPOC shows, and take more chances on queer shows, with queer people in front and behind the camera,” he added. “Because that’s also very important. People just need to take chances on stuff that they haven’t seen before.”
Minx airs Fridays on the Starz channel and streams Thursdays at midnight on the Starz app.

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