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New Star Wars series The Acolyte is brimming with trans talent

Can you believe that Pride is only two months away? And can you further believe that the most trans-affirming piece of art of 2024 just might be a Star Wars property?

Well believe it, because the Star Wars original series The Acolyte drops in June, and we can’t hardly wait—especially after trans luminaries like actress Abigail Thorn and Her Story auteur Jen Richards announced their involvement with the series during today’s trailer drop.

The Disney+ show features a star-studded fast including Thorn, The Matrix‘s Carrie-Ann Moss, Squid Game star Lee Jung-jae, and Amandla Stenberg in key roles. The Acolyte, something of a super-prequel to the series, takes place a century before the events of The Phantom Menace, and concerns a group of Jedi trying to uncover the source of several Knight slayings. Also in the main cast are The Good Place actor Manny Jacinto and Queen and Slim‘s Jodie Turner-Smith.

Can you say Mother?

Basically, it’s giving the gays the Star Wars property we long for and deserve, just in time for Pride.

Harnessing the power of queer Marvel writers and some House of the Dragon talent, The Acolyte is looking gayer by the second. And Carrie-Ann Moss is simply the icing on top.

Let’s be honest: with Amandla Stenberg and Jodie Turner-Smith in the mix, we’ll be streaming this thing several times before the month of June is out.

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