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‘Our Flag Means Death’ Actor Vico Ortiz Shares Their Polyamorous Relationship With the World

For Vico Ortiz’s (they/them) character Jim on Our Flag Means Death, they proudly fly the pirate’s Jolly Roger. As for Ortiz, it seems that they’ll be flying the polyamorous flag instead. 

On Sunday, the 31-year-old nonbinary actor shared their two partners with the world on social media. In a post on Instagram, Ortiz gushed about their loves paired with a carousel of images from some of the queerest and cutest photoshoots ever. Their two partners, Ane Hernandez (they/them) and Jack Qu’emi (they/them) flank both sides of Ortiz in the initial shot, while the rest of the images highlight Ortiz in quirky, heartwarming, and sexy photos with either Hernandez or Qu’emi. 

“To be held, loved and cared for by these humans has been such a transcendental journey. A journey I’II never tire of. I’m loving in ways I never thought possible. I’m learning, unlearning, building and deconstructing like never before.” captioned Ortiz. “I am forever thankful for being polyamorous and its invitation to look compassionately within, to creatively, with care and genuine earnestness go beyond the binary to nurture these sublime dynamics.”

They are loving these dynamics and so are we. Ortiz has shared photos of their partner Hernandez in the past with sugary sweet posts about their relationship. Then on April 30, they shared a photoshoot with Qu’emi, professing their love for them in an Instagram post. Now it seems that Ortiz, Hernandez, and Qu’emi were able to get everyone’s Google calendars aligned for a lovely photoshoot together that just screams queer joy. 

“Thank you @transnormativity for capturing these moments. Thank you for your care and kindness throughout this process,” added Ortiz in the caption. @transnormativity is the handle of freelance photographer A Klass. As their site reads, Klass “focuses on representing people from the community and the narratives their experiences tell” through their photography. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but the ones Ortiz shared are priceless.

Ortiz concluded with, “And to these gorgeous souls I get to share time and space with: @enbybruje @rabbitglitter… l’II get more mushy later.”

The gorgeous souls, Hernandez and Qu’emi, are similar to Ortiz in how they use their professions and platform to advocate for a variety of issues. Hernandez is a digital organizer and policy analyst working to ensure better healthcare access for women, reduce violence within communities, and encourage economic growth through education and activism. Whereas Qu’emi is freelance writer whose work centers around race, gender, sexuality, ability, class, and abortion rights. 

Ortiz, whose acting credits include Starz’s Vida and Max’s The Sex Lives of College Girls and Our Flag Means Death, is also an activist advocating for Puerto Rican federal voting rights, gender neutrality within the Spanish language, and anti-racism. Oh, and we can’t forget they’re also a badass drag king named Vico Suave

Between these three, there’s a lot of queer power, queer love, and queer joy here and polyamory seems to play an important role in fostering that. Ortiz alluded to this at the end of their post with their last image being an excerpt from their interview with the Instagram account @polyamproud. Polyamory can be described as the act of engaging in multiple, consensual romantic or sexual relationships. These relationship configurations can look like a couple opening their relationship to include a third partner, two couples dating another couple, or one person dating multiple people, but at the end of the day, it can look like whatever you want. 

Either way, polyamory can look different for many people, and while we don’t know what that specifically looks like for Ortiz, Hernandez, and Qu’emi, we do know that there’s plenty of love existing between these three. 

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