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‘P-Valley’ welcomes 7 new faces to the Pynk for season 3

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Before the doors to the Pynk open up for season three of P-Valley, here are the newcomers to Chucalissa, Mississippi’s premiere strip club.

P-Valley fans are impatiently waiting for season three of the Starz drama. The Katori Hall-created drama puts the stories of the employees of the Pynk, a strip club owned and ran by the fabulous Uncle Clifford (Nicco Annan) located in a fictional Mississippi town, and its patrons front and center. Love, lust, and plenty of drama enter the doors of the Pynk and soon, several new faces will too.

As reported in Deadline, P-Valley welcomes 7 new faces for season three. Joining the crew are Nicholas G. Sims, De’Adre Aziza, Brandon J. Dirden, Moritz J. Williams, Chaz Hodges, rapper Bella Blaq, and Jay Jones in recurring roles. Sims, Aziza, and Jones will add more stories to the rival gangs in Chucalissa, with Sims playing Chief-Fi-Chiefs member Calvin, Aziza as the First Lady of the Hurt Village Hustlas, Red, and Jones returning as Prince, the leader of Hurt Village Hustlas. While Dirden plays Detective Sykes, an officer investigating an uptick in crime in Chucalissa, Williams will portray Chance, the Pynk’s new Sweeper.

Via Deadline Clockwise Top L-R: Nicholas G. Sims, De’Adre Aziza, Brandon J. Dirden, Moritz J. Williams, Chaz Hodges, Bella Blaq and Jay Jones

As for the rest of the new Pynk employees, Hodges and Blaq will play Sage and Elaine respectively, two employees of Pynk dancer Roulette (Gail Bean). When we last left off with P-Valley in season two, the Pynk was struggling to stay open during the pandemic, Roulette’s new business endeavors threatens the Uncle Clifford’s establishment, and slew of new gang and political threats to the Pynk were introduced. And everything is sure to come to a head in the upcoming season, when Annan and fellow returning stars Brandee Evans (Mercedes), Shannon Thornton (Keyshawn), J. Alphonse Nicholson (Lil’ Murda), Dan J. Johnson (Corbin), Morocco Omari (Big L.), Harriett D. Foy (Pastor Woodbine), and Dominic DeVore (Duffy) come back to the Pynk.

In 2022, P-Valley was renewed for a third season in 2022, followed by a social media announcement by the cast. However, like many shows, P-Valley‘s season three production was halted by the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes in 2023. Thankfully, the wait will be over, as season three production just kicked off in Atlanta.

Seven new faces in the Pynk means seven new stories and seven more opportunities for more juicy drama in Chucalissa. P-Valley season three returns in 2025. In the meantime, P-Valley seasons one and two are currently streaming on Starz.

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