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‘Schitt’s Creek’ fans can’t get over this ‘The Last of Us’ casting announcement

Schitt’s Creek fans rejoice as this beloved actress joins The Last of Us season two.

On Friday, it was announced that Catherine O’Hara would be joining season two of the post-apocalyptic Max series. TLOU racked up several phenomenal guest stars in its first season, including Nick Offerman, Murray Bartlett, Storm Reid, Melanie Lynsey, and Gabriel Luna, and now, season two will have O’Hara join the crew.

While we don’t know who O’Hara is portraying, her casting comes after Madame Web‘s Isabela Merced, Beef‘s Young Mazino, and No One Will Save You‘s Kaitlyn Dever were announced to join the season two cast, with Dever’s role as Abby causing plenty of online fervor. TLOU you was one of last year’s most-talked about series and with O’Hara joining the cast, the conversations continue to thrive.

O’Hara has played many roles over the course of her storied career, including Kate McCallister in the Home Alone franchise, Cookie Fleck in Best in Show, and, most notably, her Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning role as Moira Rose in Schitt‘s Creek. Now, she’ll be taking her talents to a zombie-filled United States in TLOU‘s season two.  

TLOU premiered on January 15, 2023 with plenty of buzz for the TV adaptation of the immensely successful video game. The series follows Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) as they traverse across the U.S. together after a zombie-like pandemic collapses society in on itself.

TLOU received critical acclaim and record-breaking viewership in its first season. And while the hype of the TLOU is great, O’Hara’s casting announcement alone has sent the internet into a frenzy.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait and see who O’Hara portrays in TLOU (is she speaks in “Moiranese”) as production on season two starts this February, but won’t premiere until 2025. 

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