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Season 2 of Ryan Murphy’s “Feud” is About Gay Icon Truman Capote and the Cast is Gagworthy

If you’re still reeling from Chloë Sevigny’s performance in “American Horror Story: Asylum,” get ready to relive that trauma afresh. The iconic actress is joining forces with Ryan Murphy and Naomi Watts to bring an even gayer story to the small screen.

It’s been a fresh 5 years since Murphy’s “Feud” series began: that season focused on the extremely campy, terribly heartbreaking antagonism between legendary actresses (and gay icons) Bette Davis (Susan Sarandon) and Joan Crawford (a brilliant Jessica Lange.) Season 2, however, is looking like it will be well worth the wait. In addition to the stellar cast, the focus of the season will land on another camp icon: “In Cold Blood” author and socialite Truman Capote.

In addition to being one of the most celebrated queer authors of the mid-20th century, along with his contemporaries Gore Vidal and James Baldwin. And yes, I’m aware that Gore Vidal would read me to filth for defining him as a queer author, but WHATEVER Gore!

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In addition to Capote’s literary accomplishments, he was devoted socialite, always to be seen with his arm around a Holly Golightly type (whom some say was inspired by socialite and activist Marguerite Littman. Capote was famous for his annual Black and White ball, at which some of the most dazzling LEWKs of the season would be premiered.


Capote endeared himself to New York society using his wit, his endless stream of anecdotes, and his ability to talk the absolute filthiest trash about literally everyone. Eventually, he compiled all the dirt he had on everyone into a book, 1986’s unfinished “Unanswered Prayers.” But it’s specifically the women in Capote’s life that Murphy’s series will be taking a look at, and with good reason. Sevigny was tapped to play one of Capote’s “swans”, as he called the influential women in his life: she’ll be portraying socialite, actress, and model C.Z. Guest, alongside Naomi Watts, Calista Flockhart, and Diane Lane. So yes, I’m personally screaming at this casting. To make matters even gayer, the series will be directed by gay auteur Gus Van Sant, who gave us the great My Own Private Idaho, and also the not-so-great Milk.

Honestly, if they don’t devote at least one episode to recreating the Black and White ball, I’m suing. But I think between Murphy, Sevigny, and Van Sant, we’re in good hands here.

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