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‘Sock Suckers’ Is Here, It’s Queer, And Full Of Naughty Nonsense

What do you get when you mix sock puppets and a gay porn studio? Well, you get Sock Suckers. The dating app Scruff is moving into original content with its latest YouTube series. The show focuses around the everyday lives of sock porn magnate Randy Socksucker, his gay porn studio manager, Vivienne Quimm (Meatball), rising star, Chase Heelman (Tony Talks), the talent they support, and the antics that ensue. 

The show features the voices of drag queens, comedians, and actual porn performers to create a raunchy, chaotic, and outlandish experience that’s sure to leave you laughing and wanting more.

“Crazy characters, bucket loads of cum, and everything in between”, says U.K. based drag queen and performer Ginger Johnson.

Sock Suckers is Johnson’s brainchild. The accomplished performer came upon the idea after an epiphany fueled by looking at a drawer full of puppets. 

“I had a drawer full of these sock puppets from a different show that I did years ago. And the same week that Rob had called me, I was looking for something, I opened this drawer, and they were all in there – kind of wrapped around each other ‘copulating’”, says Johnson for INTO. “Imagine if this is like Night at the Museum and when I’m not looking at this drawer, these guys are running some sort of porn studio in there. And then that was literally it”.

Johnson is known for her lively performances that bring a bit of camp and confessional together to her audience rolling on the floor laughter. Dabbling in writing and theatre, Johnson has put on one-woman shows, hosted Glastonbury Festival’s NYC Downlow, and has created theatre productions, such as Down The Rabbit Hole, The Queen’s Head, and How to Catch a Krampus.

She’s developed a name for being a “risk-taking performer with a big heart and an even bigger mouth”. Now Johnson is bringing theatre and drag background into Scruff’s latest web series. 

“In my theater life, I make shows about quite serious things in a very ridiculous way”, says Johnson for INTO. “And I think Sock Suckers is similar to that in a way. It’s very silly and it’s all fart noises, cumshots, and all of that kind of stuff. But I think we do touch on a few things in there that people maybe don’t really talk about”.

As Johnson mentioned, her puppetry was brought to life when Scruff came calling, thanks to Rob Rutt, the producer of the show. Along with Johnson, Rutt collected the voice talent to give us what we need. 

“So initially, Ginger was going to do most of the voices and I went back to my boss and asked for more budget so we could get voices”, says Rutt for INTO. “And then we just looked at who we wanted to get. Then between us, Ginger knows loads of cool comedians and people. I know horny people.”

The puppets are voiced by a few names you might be familiar with, like Manila Luzon, Meatball, Mahatma Khandi, Gabriel Gonzalez, Ty Mitchell, Tony Talks, Boomer Banks, Rebecca More and so many more. 

And with so much queer content receiving a platfom, it’s exciting to see Sock Suckers join the LGBTQ media party. 

“I’m really passionate about making queer content, like queer at the very front with a big capital ‘Q’, and I don’t see anybody else doing queer puppets, but most of the queer people I know love that kind of thing”, says Johnson for INTO.

Well, there’s definitely a place for queer puppets who run a gay porn studio in this LGBTQ media boom. When asked what he hoped the response on show would be, Rutt said “If we can deliver laughs and loads, great”.

Sock Suckers is out now on Scruff’s YouTube channel.

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