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The Boys’ Season 4 villain was inspired by this notorious right-wing clown

We didn’t think it was possible to further satirize Marjorie Taylor Greene—a living parody of herself—but Season 4 of Amazon Prime’s The Boys is up for the challenge. The superhero satire comedy series has introduced a new character, Firecracker, that searingly lampoons the right wing politician.

The Boys follows a team of ordinary vigilantes who battle superheroes (called supes) that have sold out to a corporation and have gotten drunk with power. While the supes are self-absorbed megalomaniacs and clear parodies of famous Marvel/DC properties, their newest member comes from inspiration a little closer to home.

Meet Firecracker (Valorie Curry), a Southern influencer, host of the podcast “Truthbomb,” and obnoxiously performative patriot. Sound familiar? “Firecracker came from like, ‘Hey, isn’t Marjorie Taylor Greene scary?’ And just that type of personality,” series creator Eric Kripke said in a new interview with Variety.

“Like, you had Trump, but now you have these Trump spawn that are trying to outdo each other for how outrageous and sexualized and gun-toting and slavishly obedient they can be. And just that idea — it wouldn’t just start and end with [main supe antagonist] Homelander, he would start to create these spores that would grow into these other characters, and she’s a version of that.”

Kripke also discussed how the political nature of the show has evolved from its inception. “When we first pitched the show, it was before Trump was elected,” he explained. “And the idea that a celebrity would actively want to turn themselves into a fascist autocrat was kind of a crazy idea. I mean, it still is. But it turned out to have happened?

“We sort of lucked into a show whose metaphor is really about the moment we’re living in, which is the cross-section of celebrity and authoritarianism. And so once we realize that, we’re like, ‘Well, we have to go all the way.’”

The fourth season has also introduced a same-sex romance within the titular Boys’ camp. Former arms dealer Frenchie (Tomer Capone) has been confirmed to be bisexual and in a relationship with newcomer Colin Hauser (Elliot Knight) in the early episodes of the season.

New episodes of The Boys Season 4 stream weekly on Amazon Prime.

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