The internet wants this ‘Glee’ gay on ‘Abbott Elementary’

Do we live in a universe where Glee and Abbott Elementary combine? The internet thinks so.

Abbott Elementary is one of the most popular TV shows out there and many of the characters are beloved. From Janine’s (Quinta Brunson) goodwill to Ava’s (Janelle James) shenanigans to Gregory (Tyler James Williams) continuously breaking the fourth wall, what’s not to love? Well, the internet thinks it’s time to spice things up.

Ava had an adversary in the school’s superintendent Denzel Collins (Reggie Hayes), Barbara had her church’s treasurer Delisha (Shirley Jordan), and Melissa (Lisa Ann Walter), well she and her sister Kristen Marie (Lauren Weedman) had beef. With season three introducing new characters like Simon (Benjamin Norris), Emily (Kimia Behpoornia), and the internet’s new crush Manny (Josh Segarra), there’s room for a new rival, right? This X (formerly Twitter) has the perfect counterpart for Abbott Elementary‘s overeager and awkward Jacob (Chris Perfetti), Glee‘s Kurt (Chris Colfer).

X user @Kgleeb posted a picture of Abbott Elementary‘s Jacob and Glee‘s Kurt side by side with the caption, “Ever since someone said they want[sic] Chris Colfer to play Jacob’s rival on Abbott Elementary I haven’t stopped thinking about it.” Now, the rest of the internet can’t stop thinking about it either. If we’re considering Glee to be in the same universe as Abbott Elementary, imagine Colfer’s Kurt sashaying into the school’s halls as a music teacher.

Now, Jacob already has a rival in Abbott Elementary‘s Mr. Morton (Jerry Minor), something that was quickly pointed out.

But there’s always room for more, right? Now, the two would be in different areas, of course. Presumably, Kurt would be in music (or drama), while Jacob is a 6th grad history teacher.

If Jacob’s relationship with Mr. Morton is any indicator on how he would handle a rivalry, he might be a worthy opponent. However, he’s prone to being flustered easily and his awkwardness might trip him up. That aside, the internet believes Kurt is the one coming out on top.

Other folks think they need to related rivals. Maybe cousins Kurt and Jacob have unsettled business that they take care of in the teacher’s break room.

Since Glee ended, Colfer has kept a low profile sticking to work on reality TV shows, voice acting in animated properties, and publishing numerous young adult books. However, it might be time for Abbott Elementary‘s creator, Brunson, to give him a call.

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