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These first images of Daniel Dae Kim in Avatar: The Last Airbender have us gasping

We’ve spoken before at length about our love for The Good Doctor and Lost star Daniel Dae Kim. Not only is Kim a talented actor known for taking on complex, sometimes villainous roles, he’s also quite easy on the eyes. That’s possibly the understatement of the century: and once you’ve seen the first images for the live-action reboot of beloved anime Avatar: The Last Airbender, you’ll understand why.

Now Kim has always been gorgeous, but in preparation for his role as Fire Lord Ozai, the actor has stripped down and beefed up, and fans are already feeling the heat.

Lord Ozai is the villainous ruler of Fire Nation, a character originally voiced by Mark Hamill in a near-reprise of his deliciously evil voicework as the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series. Forgive us, however, for preferring Kim’s take on the Fire Lord. For one thing, Kim is an actual Asian actor portraying the character, whereas past iterations have tended to whitewash the cast of Asian and Indigenous characters. For another, Kim is sure to bring his many, many talents to this dastardly role. Setting things on fire has truly never looked so good.

The first look at Kim’s transformation into Fire Lord Ozai already have even the most diehard Avatar: The Last Airbender fans switching teams.

When evil looks this fine, it’s time to start questioning where our true allegiances lie.

Air warriors, be prepared to fight fineness with fineness.

Folks who crushed on the original anime back in the day are not going to be disappointed by Kim’s take on the role.

Basically, we’re prepared to defend the fire nation with our lives when the new series drops this February.

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