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This crucial character would have been queer in the Lizzie McGuire reboot

It’s been just over 23 years since Lizzie McGuire ushered in the era of bangs and blonde highlights. Who knows what brave new hairstyles the reboot could have introduced if Disney hadn’t pulled the plug. But now, a writer for the canned reboot has worse (if not surprising) news for the gay millennials that adored the show as teens—Lizzie’s BFF Miranda would have finally been confirmed as gay.

The original 2001 series followed Lizzie (Hillary Duff) and her group of friends navigating lighthearted teen crises—crushes, popularity, annoying younger brothers. One of the show’s most memorable gimmicks was an animated version of Lizzie that narrated her intrusive thoughts. But much more memorable for sapphic viewers was Lizzie’s closest friendship with Miranda (Lalaine), a girl who dreamed of becoming a musician.

In the reboot, that dream would have been fulfilled—along with other hinted aspects of Miranda’s personality. The reboot, which was announced in 2019 and dropped in 2020, would have followed the cast as adults, and apparently it was too adult for Disney+ executives.

Writer Jonathan Hurwitz recently took to TikTok to dish on the first three episodes, which had all been fully scripted (two had even been shot and edited).

Lizzie (that is, Elizabeth) is now living in New York City with her gay roommate and working as interior designer (really gunning for millennials with the Will & Grace vibes). Although she’s happy, she doesn’t hear as much from her animated persona these days. But when she learns that her professional chef boyfriend is cheating on her with one of her best friends, she moves back home, where her animated inner self is waiting for her.

But what about Miranda? Hurwitz explained that she would have shown up later in the season, in episodes that had not yet been “set in stone” but they had gone as far as to talk it over with actress Lalaine.

“We didn’t want fans of the original to feel we abandoned that Lizzie-Miranda relationship, so we were planning a storyline for her,” he said in a recent TikTok Q&A.

“We talked a lot about adult Miranda, and her being a musician was part of the discussion, so someone who’s on tour with a band. Her being queer was also part of the discussion, so you likely have met the woman that she’s in a relationship with.”

Four years removed from the scrapped reboot and this information broke fans hearts all over again. “Queer Miranda is what my inner child needed,” said one commenter.

“Lalaine was OPEN TO IT?? i want this show more than any marvel movie for the [next] decade,” said another.

“Please Disney, if millennials can’t own homes, let us just have this show!!,” added one hopeful home owner.

While it’s a shame the reboot never saw the light of day, fans can at least be satisfied to know that queer Miranda is (more or less) canon. In that canon, she’s living her dream as a touring musician and going home to her girlfriend whenever she gets a chance.

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