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This ‘Gen V’ throuple’s photoshoot broke the internet

*Photo Credit: Prime Video

*Slight ‘Gen V’ spoilers ahead

We’re pretty sure this Gen V throuple won Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love of all kinds, including self-love, familial, platonic, and romantic. And those boo’d up may take out their partner(s) for a special occasion. Well, we’re sorry to say that if you’re not this throuple, then your V-Day probably won’t compare.

On Wednesday, Gen V actress Jaz Sinclair shared a photo with fellow cast members Derek Luh and London Thor with the caption “Happy Valentine’s Day. [Featuring] my sexy TV them friend. And all the animals I fell in love with today.” Sinclair may have fallen in love with these farm animals, but the internet fell in love with her, Luh, and Thor.

The trio are cast members from Prime Video’s popular The Boys spin-off, Gen V. A play on Gen Z and the first letter of the series’ superhero company Vought, Gen V follows the students at Godolkin University, an institution for college-aged “supes” to hone their skills and make a name for themselves. Sinclair plays Marie Moreau, a supe with the ability to blood bend, while Luh and Thor take turns playing Jordan Li, a supe whose power is to transition from a man, who has with indestructibility and super strength, to a woman, who fires energy blasts, and back again at will.

Bending gender at your will as a superpower is pretty badass, and we also love how it plays a role in Jordan’s relationship with Marie. Jordan identifies as bigender and Marie has the hots for all of Jordan, both genders included. Their relationship plays out in season one and let’s just say things get a little hot and heavy for Jordan and Marie and we love to see it.

We also love to see Gen V‘s power throuple take over Valentine’s Day and so does the internet.

We can’t wait to see more of Jordan, Marie, and the rest of the Gen V cast when the series returns for its second season. While we don’t know when that’ll happen, consider us impatiently waiting for when it does.

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