This viral clip proves ‘Johnny Bravo’ is gayer than we remember

Johnny Bravo is the poster boy for cartoon he-men — even surpassing, ironically, He-Man himself. But a recently resurfaced clip just reminded the internet that as macho as he seems, Johnny has a queer side.

The clip, which comes from the season two episode “El Bravo Magnifico,” sees Johnny in drag flirting with the episode’s villain, a bandito named “Muy Caliente” (and this isn’t even the gay part).

“Surely a girl as pretty as you has kissed a man before,” Muy Caliente says to Johnny, who quickly gets flustered and drops his feminine character.

“What? I was young! It was New Year’s Eve! The cherry cola made me giddy!” he shouts.

There you have it: a straight-up confession to having kissed another man. It only makes sense — Johnny’s always had big bisexual himbo energy — but the confirmation is still more than welcome.

And though the “cherry cola” Johnny mentions is a PG stand-in for alcohol, it also implies that “a good soda is all it takes for Johnny Bravo to start kissing boys,” as one commenter put it.

Others pointed out that Johnny’s voice actor Jeff Bennett has shown support for fan’s queer theories about the character, including shipping him with fellow Cartoon Network protagonist Samurai Jack. Bennett and Samurai Jack’s voice actor Phil LaMarr even acted out what a flirty interaction between the two might look like.

“You are … kind of cute,” LaMarr says in the video (in character, of course), to which Bennett replies, “You’re not bad looking yourself.”

The clip has fans hungry for more Johnny and Jack content. Samurai Jack got a new season in 2017, but Johnny Bravo’s been off the air since 2004. Could a reboot be in order, this time fully embracing Bravo’s queerness (with a romance with Jack thrown in for good measure)? The audience is clearly there. Take notes, Hollywood!

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