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Tiffany ‘New York’ Pollard breaks down why she dragged Omarosa for filth

When the cast of E!’s new series House of Villains was announced back in August, one icon on the cast had the internet raving: Tiffany “New York” Pollard, who’s been the self-proclaimed HBIC of reality TV since she first appeared on Flavor of Love back in 2006.

Pollard lived up to her villainous reputation even in the show’s trailer, where she’s seen reading down fellow castmate Omarosa, who’s been a villain on shows like Celebrity Big Brother and The Apprentice, but is better known for her real-life villainy as a political aide to Donald Trump.

In the trailer, Pollard is heard shouting out a (heavily bleeped) string of insults: “You c*ck-sucking, c*m-guzzling, Republican c*nt.” Truly, Pollard is the Shakespeare of our time.

In a new interview with Page Six, Pollard revealed what led to the explosive moment.

“Well, Omarosa, bless her heart, but she tried me and I had to remind her of the pecking order,” she said. “I am the HBIC, always will be and I’m the original, and she tried me.”

Pollard explained that Omarosa betrayed her trust during the competition, which sees 10 villains from across reality TV voting each other out and vying for a $200,000 grand prize.

“Don’t play me in public, sis, because you’re going to take several seats,” Pollard added.

And did Omarosa, in fact, take several seats? When asked, Pollard shot back, “Is she standing up yet? I think I broke her legs.”

Unsurprisingly, the internet was quick to praise Pollard’s razor-sharp wit. “This is why New York is the queen of reality television,” wrote one fan.

Omarosa, for her part, shared that she’s reveling in all the villainy of the show’s premise.

“When [my] agency called me and pitched it to me, I thought, ‘This sounds like old-school reality TV.’ [We’re] getting back to the roots, in a house living with people you don’t know, strategizing, conniving and backstabbing,” Omarosa said. “It’s delicious.”

House of Villains also stars Anfisa Arkhipchenko of 90 Day Fiancé; Shake Chatterjee of Love Is Blind; Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio of The Challenge; Jonny Fairplay of Survivor; Bobby Lytes of Love & Hip Hop: Miami; Corinne Olympios of The Bachelor; Jax Taylor of Vanderpump Rules; and Tanisha Thomas of Bad Girls Club.

The series premieres Thursday, October 12 at 10 p.m. ET on E!.

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