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Watch a Drag Race queen respond to a $110,000 libel win in most drag queen way possible

A contestant from RuPaul’s Drag Race UK celebrated a major libel case win last week. 

Drag queen Crystal (S.1 Drag Race UK) sued former actor turned far-right activist Laurence Fox after he called her and a queer-rights campaigner “paedophiles” on Twitter.

A court in London ordered Fox to pay both Crystal and fellow complainant Simon Blake £90,000 ($113,000) each in damages. 

After a couple of days to process her well-deserved legal victory, Crystal took time to post a humble statement of gratitude on social media. 

Actually, scratch that… she summoned the Gods of drag to give praise and promised to spend her new riches on something “really gay”. Watch below. 

@crystalwillseeyounow The G in LGBT stands for “Get Her Jade” #crystalwillsueyounow #drag #news #laurencefox #justice ♬ Fuck You – Taken By A Stranger

The video has also proved popular on X.

Who is Laurence Fox?

Laurence Fox, 45, was a successful actor who appeared in the movie Gosford Park and the long-running UK detective show, Lewis. However, in recent years he has become better known for his outspoken political views. He crusades against perceived wokeness and political correctness.

When Fox began posting more controversial content online, his acting work dried up. In 2020, he founded his own right-wing political party, Reclaim.

In 2020, Fox posted a tweet saying he would be boycotting grocery chain Sainsbury’s because of its support for Black History Month. The company said it would not tolerate racism in its stores and that if anyone had a problem with that, they should shop elsewhere.

Fox responded on X (formerly Twitter), “Dear @sainsburys. I won’t be shopping in your supermarket ever again whilst you promote racial segregation and discrimination.”

Crystal, real name Colin Seymour, and another LGBTQ+ campaigner, Simon Blake, who worked for advocacy organization Stonewall, responded online and called Fox “racist”.

A Twitter spat between them culminated in Fox blasting them, falsely, as pedophiles.

Crystal and Blake sued and won. Fox countersued for then calling him a racist but he lost. 

“Gross, groundless and indefensible”

In her ruling last week, Mrs Justice Collins Rice said, “By calling Mr Blake and Mr Seymour paedophiles, Mr Fox subjected them to a wholly undeserved public ordeal.

“It was a gross, groundless and indefensible libel, with distressing and harmful real-world consequences for them.

“They are entitled by law to an award of money, to compensate them for those damaging effects, and to ensure that they can put this matter behind them, vindicated and confident that no-one can sensibly doubt their blamelessness of that disgusting slur and that they were seriously wronged by it.”

Fox has indicated that he plans to appeal.

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