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Why ‘House of the Dragon’ fans think these two characters are a queer item

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*Spoilers for “House of the Dragon.

Are House of the Dragon fans getting another queer couple for season two?

Max’s HotD is officially back and fans are outwardly supporting their favorite house’s banners. Whether you’re Team Black with Rhaenyra Targaryen (Emma D’Arcy) or Team Green with Alicent Hightower (Olivia Cooke), we’re all team HotD. And this season is more epic, emotional, and maybe even queerer than season one.

Based on George R.R. Martin’s Fire & Blood novel, HotD chronicles the Targaryen civil war that took place between King Viserys I Tagaryen’s children as they battle for the Iron Throne. Set 200 years before Game of Thrones, fans dive deeper into the story of the Targaryens and it seems that season two might have given us a glimpse at a growing bond between another Targaryen/Stark pair: Jacaerys Velaryon (Harry Collett) and Cregan Stark (Tom Taylor).

Jacaerys is the firstborn son of Laenor Velaryon (John Macmillan) and Rhaenyra Targaryen who aids his mother conquest for the Iron throne, while Cregan is the young Lord of Winterfell and leader of House Stark. In episode one of season two, the young men meet for the first time, as Jacaerys strives to gain Winterfell’s support in the civil war to come. But HotD fans think there might something else afoot between the two based on their conversation, tension, and Cregan’s acknowledgement of Jacaerys’ claim to the Iron Throne.

In Fire & Blood, Jacaerys and Cregan develop a close bond, mostly in part to Jacaerys reminding Cregan of his deceased brother. Jacaerys ends up starting a relationship with Cregan’s sister, Sara Snow, even though he is betrothed to Baela Targaryen (Bethany Antonia). However, Fire & Blood isn’t an exact retelling of the Targaryen civil war, which means that there are conflicting stories.

With that much room available, HotD could go in an entirely different direction from the books and Jacaerys’ romantic interest could actually end up being Cregan instead of Sara. This wouldn’t be the first queer relationship depicted in HotD or GoT, as seen with Oberyn Martell (Pedro Pascal) and Ellaria Sand (Indira Varma), Yara Greyjoy (Gemma Whelan) and Ellaria Sand, Loras Tyrell (Finn Jones) and Renly Baratheon (Gethin Anthony), and Laenor Velaryon and Qarl Correy (Arty Froushan). Fans even view Rhaenyra and Alicent’s relationship with plenty of queer undertones.

And they see the same queer undertones in Jacaerys and Cregan’s budding relationship.

Unfortunately, showrunner and co-creator Ryan Condal confirmed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that most of the Jacaerys/Cregan backstory won’t make it to season two of HotD. However, there’s still room to make Jacaerys and Cregan an actual couple in the newly confirmed third season.

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