Will “Wednesday’s” Next Season Give Us a Queer Romance?

While season one of Netflix’s Wednesday didn’t have much in the way of queer romance, fans are hoping it was planting the seeds for the future. In particular, focus has landed on the love/hate chemistry between Wednesday and her werewolf roommate Enid Sinclair. Now Emma Myers, the actress who plays Enid, has offered her take on the possibility of a future romance.

The relationship between Wednesday and Enid seems tailor-made for shipping. On the surface, the two are polar opposites—Enid is preppy and pink whereas Wednesday is moody and macabre. But over the course of the season, they develop a begrudging and sometimes tender friendship. It wasn’t long before the internet made the ship official, dubbing the couple “Wenclair” and producing an endless stream of fan art and memes.

In fact, the friendship seems a little too tailor-made for shipping, according to some viewers. Given that the queer aspects of Wednesday have thus far been regulated to “outsider” subtext, the Wenclair chemistry has also drawn accusations of queerbaiting.

So what are the thoughts of the actresses involved? Myers was optimistic (if vague) on the prospect of a Wenclair love story in a new interview with Variety. Although she knows “absolute squat” about season two, she’s certain that Wednesday has had her fill of boys, if nothing else.

When asked whether she’d heard the fan theories, Myers explained that shipping is not the kind of thing you can just ignore. “My sisters find it amusing to send me stuff. Fan art, tweets talking about it,” she said. “My Instagram comments are flooded with it, and so are my DMs. So yeah, I have seen it.”

As for whether there is anything to the idea, Myers cagily admitted that it’s within the realm of possibility. “Anything is possible in the show,” she said. “We haven’t really spoken about direction at all, so I don’t really know what the game plan is for anything.”

Either way, when it comes to the immediate future, Myers pointed out that the last thing Wednesday needs is a relationship. “As far as love interests go for Wednesday, I feel like at least for a second season, she needs to take her season of singleness,” she said. “She just had a whole fiasco with her men, she’s got to lay it off for a little bit. I would be deterred from dating anybody if I had gone through that.”

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The first season saw Wednesday caught in a love triangle between Tyler (Hunter Doohan), the normie son of the sheriff, and Xavier (Percy Hynes White), a mysterious figure from her past. For her part, Ortega was not thrilled about her character getting involved in a love triangle, let alone with two boys. She has repeatedly disdained the idea in multiple interviews, collected in the above TikTok compilation.

Remarking on the Wenclair ship specifically, Ortega said, per Netflix Life, that “in a perfect world, [Wednesday and Enid] would have been a thing.”

With Ortega and Myers both on board, that leaves it up to Netflix to make it happen. In the meantime, maybe it’s not such a bad idea for Wednesday to live her best single life next season.

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