‘X-Men ’97’ fans are convinced these two characters are in a relationship

*Screenshot: X-Men ’97

*X-Men ’97 spoilers ahead

X-Men ’97 fans can’t get over the closeness these two lead characters have between each other.

In case you missed it, X-Men ’97 is a huge hit, making fans and newcomers alike in head over heels in love with the super-powered, crop top-wearing, and very queer X-Men reboot. Picking up where the original animated series left off, X-Men ’97 follows a group of “mutants” called the X-Men (named after their leader Charles “Professor X” Xavier) as they face new threats towards human and mutant kind alike, while dealing with the absence of Professor X. But Charles’ old “frenemy” Erik Lehnsherr aka Magneto steps into the picture to lead the the X-Men, and now the internet thinks Professor X might’ve had another lover we didn’t know about.


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TikoToker Michael Simeon aka @BlackGayComicGeek created a video to highlight just how just close Professor X and his magnetic bestie/rival were. First, there’s a photograph of a younger Magneto and Professor X in X-Men ’97 that screams “We own a timeshare in Provincetown.”

“First of all, this picture right, it’s giving older gay couple,” Simeon said. “Not only just that, but.”

Simeon purposefully trails off to cut to X-Men ’97 footage where Magneto talks with fellow X-Men member Rogue about feeling the telepathic Professor X in his mind. It was never invasive, but a pleasant presence; however, when Magneto and Professor X “split up,” Magneto created a helmet to protect him from these telepathic intrusions.

“Obviously I know it’s fiction, but what straight man is gonna have another man constantly in his thoughts, a lingering presence to let each know that they’re always there for each other?” Simeon asked. “Nobody. I don’t care how close you are.

But in the conversation, Rogue figured out that Magneto had created the helmet, not to protect himself from psychic attacks, but to stop himself from discovering how much Professor X loved him, as this would’ve derailed Magneto’s own crusade to replace humans as the dominant species with mutants.

“And not even just that. Then, even Rogue said, ‘If Magneto constantly felt how much Charles loved him, he wouldn’t be able to go with his crusade against humanity.”

Then, Simeon proved that the queerness within X-Men ’97 writes itself.

“And it was Charles perceived quote unquote death, we actually know he’s not actually dead if you watch the end of the X-Men ’90s cartoon, but it was Charles death that made Magneto change his whole philosophy,” Simeon said. “Now, he’s trying to be a better man for the love of his life that’s no longer here. Like come on, it writes itself.”

Professor X and Magneto aside, Simeon also called out a shower scene between shapeshifting X-Men member Morph and fan favorite Wolverine.

“And then, of course, that scene at the end of the same episode with Wolverine and Morph, you can’t tell me they’re not in a queer relationship as well.

With a nonbinary X-Men member, a new leader whose outfit always serves, and several homoerotic exchanges, Simeon summed up what we all think about X-Men ’97.

“This show is hella gay.”

We still have 7 more episodes left of this new season. Which means 7 more opportunities to dive into Professor X and Magneto’s relationship. Either way, X-Men ‘97 is a huge, queer win for animation.

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