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Viola Davis’ photoshoot has fans wondering how her version of ‘Renaissance’ might sound

· Updated on March 14, 2024

What do Viola Davis and Beyoncé have in common? A handsy fashion sense, apparently.

Fans of both divas recently rediscovered a 2022 photo of Davis on the cover of ELLE Brazil, in which she’s wearing a dress that would instantly ring a bell for any member of the BeyHive.

On the cover, Davis is absolutely devouring in a dress by Loewe, the same designer behind one of Beyoncé’s most iconic looks from the Renaissance World Tour. We’re speaking, of course, of her so-called “hands-on” bodysuit, a bejeweled one-piece with several black hands reaching across her body. Davis’ dress features a similar design, hence fans drawing the comparison between the two. 

“How to get away with Renaissance,” the original poster, Rob Milton (@therobmilton), quipped on X (formerly Twitter) inspiring everyone to make mash-ups of Beyoncé’s greatest hits and Davis’ most iconic character, Annalise Keating from How to Get Away With Murder.

So, what exactly would a version of Renaissance by Keating look like? The tracklist is clearly fire, featuring hits like “Attorney’s Groove,” “I’m That Lawyer,” “Pure/Vodka,” “Court Girl,” “All Up in Your Crime,” “Annalise Has A Problem,” “Break My Parole,” and “Blood off the Carpet.” I smell a Grammy.


And of course, her lyricism is unmatched. (“Tip tip tip on courtroom floors” goes just as hard as the original.)

Rather than bringing Keating to Beyoncé, some folks brought Beyoncé to Keating by riffing on her most infamous line.


Davis, like every other celebrity, attended Queen Bey’s L.A. concert and instead of wearing a Loewe outfit, she chose to serve body with a bejeweled top, jeans, a black jacket, and plenty of midriff.

There’s only one stop left, the Kansas City show on October 1. So, BeyHive, this is your last chance to figure out “how to get away with a snagging a ‘Renaissance World Tour’ ticket.”

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