Antoni Is Promoting A Diet With Controversial Science and We’re Just As Confused As You Are

The food expert from Netflix’s Queer Eye is under some criticism for supporting The Wahls Protocol Seminar & Retreat. This event from Dr. Terry Wahls focuses on her claim that the Paleo diet can treat multiple sclerosis (known commonly as MS) as well as other chronic health issues like dementia.

Food writer Ruby Tandoh called Porowski out on Twitter for supporting Dr. Wahls, writing: “this isn’t the food philosophy we need from you.”

Porowski replied to Tandoh’s tweet by saying he doesn’t believe in any miracle cure, but he does believe that a “proper, clean diet is beneficial to us all.”

Tandoh noted that his use of the word “clean” to refer to food is part of the problem.

According to Inverse, the bulk of criticism around Dr. Wahls addresses the fact that her diet and findings have no peer-reviewed clinical research and have mostly been talked about on alternative medicine blogs. The one research study that has been done only tracked 17 individuals.

Inverse also interviewed Dr. Wahls and concluded that although she herself says her diet isn’t a miracle cure, the materials around the research aren’t as nuanced. On a similar note, on the MS subreddit, people commented that the criticisms of Porowski were fair because Wahls focuses so much on the marketing of the diet.

I’m sure Antoni can’t wait for season 3 of Queer Eye to start so he can get this stuff out of the spotlight.

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