Eric Andre Just Got Racially Profiled by Atlanta Police

· Updated on May 3, 2021

Openly bisexual comedian Eric Andre was racially profiled by police at the Atlanta airport this afternoon. 

According to Andre’s Twitter, the comedian was about to board a Delta flight to promote his new film Bad Trip, when he was stopped by plainclothes police, who told him they needed to perform a random search even though Andre had just gone through security. 

Andre declined, tweeting at Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms about the racial profiling incident.

Andre was able to board the flight safely, but he put out a call for legal representation in Atlanta on Twitter, stating that he will be reporting the incident. 

Coming only a day after the Derek Chauvin verdict, Andre’s treatment at the Atlanta airport is just another clear indication that the conversation about racism within the police force is far from over. 

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