Conservative Host Tries to Discredit ‘Fire & Fury’ Author By Calling Him Gay

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Because the year 2018 is apparently as sophisticated as a grade school playground, a conservative radio host has decided to clap back at Fire and Fury author Michael Wolff by calling him gay.

According to Right Wing Watch, conservative commentator Gavin McInnes said Michael Wolff has a “gay face” and is probably a “closeted gay” and sociopath. Does he need a trampoline to help with that leap?

In a video broadcast captured by Right Wing Watch, McInnes gets catty with Wolff over his Fire & Fury book, which INTO earlier reported showed Trump thought about the transgender military ban for a full 10 minutes.

“Why are we assuming that Michael Wolff is good at his job? Have you ever seen Michael Wolff?” McInnes says. “Now, this isn’t a fact, this is just my theory, but he has a gay face. And there’s nothing wrong with being gay, obviously. Chadwick Moore is a wonderful gay, so is Milo Yiannopoulos, but he appears to be a closeted gay and my experience with them is that they tend to be sociopaths.”

McInnes, who sports a well-coiffed beard, talks about people on the internet and seems to know a lot about closeted homosexuals, added: “They have a lot of bottled up sexual rage and they want revenge on the world. I don’t trust these stories.”

McInnes then investigates a picture of Wolff and thinks that his pocket square makes him gay.

“I mean, it’s the lips. That kind of a pocket square, I wear it sometimes. I have slept with hundreds of women. So you have to either be a pimp, or a pussy,” McInnes said.

“Seriously, though. Look at his demeanor. Am I crazy? Does that look like a closeted gay man to you? Only black guys and me can get away with that kind of color scheme.”

It kinda seems like the person fixated on pocket squares and Wolff’s lips is McInnes?

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