Gay Trump Supporter Calls Police on Black Woman Over CVS Coupon

BBQ Becky, meet Coupon Carl.

CVS manager Morry Matson is the latest person to become a meme for calling the police on a black person after accusing Camilla Hudson, a customer at the 6150 N. Broadway store in the north side of Chicago, of using a forged coupon. In a video recorded on her phone, Matson calls the police because he doesn’t recognize the voucher she’s using—a manufacturer’s coupon offering free incontinence products.

“It’s a female,” the manager tells authorities over the phone, noticeably referring to the woman as “it” rather than “she.”

Hudson interjects as he attempts to describe her appearance.

“Tell them I’ll be here when they arrive,” she tells Matson, as the man visibly shakes.  “You can tell them her name is Camilla Hudson. I have ID and will share it.”

When he calls her African-American, Hudson again shoots him down.

“No, I’m not African-American,” she claims just moments before Matson hangs up the phone and walks out of the frame. “I’m black. Black isn’t a bad word.”

The CVS has since apologized to Hudson but has not stated whether the pharmacy chain plans to discipline Matson for the incident. The store claimed in a statement that it “has begun an investigation and… will take any corrective action that is warranted to prevent it from happening again.”

The possibility of losing his job, however, is unlikely to be the end of the fallout for Matson.

Matson, who is openly gay, is currently planning to run for alderman of the 48th Ward, which includes Chicago’s Andersonville, Edgewater, and Uptown neighborhoods. President of the Log Cabin Republicans of Illinois, he supported Donald Trump in the 2016 election and acted as a state delegate for Trump.

Although the state’s Log Cabin Republicans chapter has largely been inactive since 2016 and hasn’t updated its Facebook page in two years, Matson announced his intention to “reactivate” the local organization earlier this year.

In earlier comments made to the Windy City Times, the out conservative said his goal in 2018 is to get “as many Republicans elected as we can,” calling it a membership drive.

“Next year, we want to start on opening new chapters across the state,” he claimed.

The out Republican has not stated whether he plans to continue his run or if he plans to resign from the national GOP group’s resurgent local chapter, which he told WCT counts close to 50 members.

But further scrutiny could place the future of the Illinois branch in jeopardy.

Since the controversy went viral over the weekend, reports have surfaced that Matson has a history of forging documents. In lobbying for a waterfront beach trail near his residence, the City of Chicago’s Board of Election Commissioners determined that he had doctored pages of signatures—which were written in his own handwriting.

“There was a pattern of fraud, false swearing, and total disregard of the requirements of the election code,” the board said in tossing out his proposal.

Note: INTO has reached out to the Illinois Log Cabin Republicans and will update should the chapter respond.

Photos via JeepersMedia/Flickr, Facebook

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